Location AWD-Arena, Hanover, Germany
Client Landeshauptstadt Hannover
Architect Schulitz + Partner
Engineer RFR Stuttgart
Images RFR Stuttgart
Scope of work For RFR - Geometry programming, pre- and post processing

Since Germany got selected as scene for the World Football Cup 2006, a series of stadiums had to be adjusted to FIFA standards. The Niedersachsenstadion, now called AWD-Arena, was one of these. The roof structure with a surface of 26.000m² was a large package of this recreation. Structurally, a spoked wheel with two compression and one tension rings support the outer roof structure, while a second spoked wheel with two tension and one compression ring is superposed for the inner roof. My main part was the handling and organisation of the geometrical model, which has been programmed on a parametrical basis. In total, there are 2456 nodes and 5630 elements (including 2D elements), where only 204 nodes are fixed by boundary conditions. At the end the model got quite complex and all intermediate points, cambers and imperfections have been included. The appearance of the stadium could be completely changed in just few minutes.

Special Structures