Location Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main
Client Fachschaft Medizin der Universitaetsklinik
Architect Hannes Schwertfeger
Engineer Andreas Schnubel
Images Andreas Schnubel, Fachschaft Medizin
Scope of work Conception, design and realisation

The net is part of the new design for a pavilion at the University of Frankfurt. The hall was built in the late 60s and is used by students having a break or meeting friends for a coffee. In the course of complete interior reorganisation, old sofas had to be replaced and the room had to be visually sanitised. Therefore, we had the idea to place in a 90 squaremeters net structure where up to 15 people could relax. Form-finding studies had been carried out on a physical and structural model. The final net structure was a big success and was featured in two newspapers.
Frankfurter Rundschau "The biggest hammock of the city".
Frankfurter Neue Post "... keen net structure, that gives the hall a new look, but does not constrict the user's flexibility".

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