Location Champs-Elysées, Paris
Client Moet Hennessy - Louis Vuitton S.A.
Architect Barthélémy Grino, Tim Carlson
Engineer RFR Paris
Images RFR Paris
Scope of work For RFR - Structural analysis

In terms of the reconstruction of the Louis Vuitton shop in Paris, a decorative aluminium grid with the total surface of 1250 square meters has been placed behind the outer facade and the accessible public space inside the shop. It is continuously suspended around all floor levels and in some cases this metal curtain fulfils the function of separating different product zones. The complexity was on the one hand in the given tolerances of 0.2 mm per module, which is by far more ambitious than usual construction techniques provide. On the other hand, no joint should be visible and the structure should resist impact loads. The solution was to use high-pressure aluminium castings with already integrated screws which are only accessible by a special key through a tiny hidden hole.

Special Structures